Chris Ams - Vocals

Emilio Tostado - Guitar

John Guari - Keys

Jent Lapalm - Bass

Drew Schultz - Drums


Chris Ams & the Favorite States is a mix of smooth, soulful vocals wrapped in the dulcet tones of Motown and classic R&B. The members of Favorite States have toured across the country and held a multi-year residency at the legendary Bitter End in NYC. They have performed with some of the biggest names in soul including the Four Tops, The Funk Brothers, Dennis Coffey, James Jamerson Jr, and more. They were featured in the Don Was All Star Revue at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Hall, performing live on stage alongside Melvin Davis, Spyder Turner, McKinley Jackson and Ken Knox. They also formed a one-time mega group with The Funk Brothers touring band at Northern Lights in Detroit as a tribute to late Motown guitarist, Eddie Willis. Their debut album, Chris Ams & the Favorite States, is now available everywhere.