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Music in Your Love


* " well produced and written. I think this is ready to be a hit." 

* "It's a happy upbeat song that makes you tap your foot and smile... I just listened to it three times in row. This would totally be a hit if put out there. ... Everything was perfect from the vocals to the instrumentals, all the way to the production quality."

* "... definitely makes me want to dance down the street."

Looking for a way (single)

* "What an awesome throwback song. An amazing composition with the old-school instrumentation... The brass, the bass, et al. The song has incredible rhythm and tempo. The lyrics and vocals are impressive. The entire production is of high quality, making this a very memorable song altogether." 

* "...Everything about this song was wonderful from the voice to the beat and everything in between. I can't wait to listen to it again"

* "This song was everything."

Walk between the raindrops


* "...empowering, moving, touching, sincere, authentic, and heart felt. It had deep passion and emotion that was easy to relate to."


* "...beautiful melody. The singers voice and the song lyrics tell a great story." 

Check out the official lyric video for the debut single, "Music in Your Love"

Listen on Spotify.png
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